Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's with that...

Okay, have you noticed that people will post things that are shocking or surprising or cryptic or sad, but just enough to make you react, but then never post the rest of the story?  Never respond to questions or act coy about it.  Happens everywhere, Facebook, blogs, twitter.  What's with that?  

I mean if you are going to put it out, put it out there.  If it's truly private, keep it to yourself.  

The thing is, if you put it out there and people actually care about you, they are going to be concerned and want to help.  Have the decency, the common courtesy, the humanity to respond.  

I've had my fill of it today.  You'd never call everyone you know and say "Please pray for me.  I am in desperate need of your prayers." and then not tell them why or let them know when things change.  So why is it okay to text or write it?  

So, you know who you are.  Cut it out.  Act like a grown up.  Everybody has troubles.  Everybody.  Yours are no better, no bigger, no more awful than anyone else's.  Thinking that they are is a sure and fast way to more troubles.  Clearly people care about you.  It's time to care about them, too.  

(rant complete)

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