Saturday, May 25, 2013

Unveiling of the Garden

My favorite husband and I have been reworking our garden.  There are loads and loads of pictures (after) but no before.  So you'll just have to trust me that it looks 1000% better.

My husband spent hours and hours building, leveling, and securing the raised bed boxes.  They define the space for what's planted and add a level of artistry, too.

We mulched the whole thing with the help of one very strong son!

In the garden are: Tomatoes, parsnips, radishes, okra, green beans, blackberries, brussel sprouts. garlic, two kinds of cucumbers, 6 kinds of peppers (3 hot, 3 sweet), yellow squash, zucchini, celery, herbs and a tomatillo.

This lean to is for all the vine-y things to grow on.  Cucumbers, zucchini, squash. I found a similar idea on Pinterest and my husband created these.  I'll let you know how they work.


This is garlic, next to the watering can.  Have you ever grown it?  We used a head from the grocery, broke it into cloves and planted last year.  We'll see what we have come the fall.


This is the same celery I started in water in my kitchen after cutting the root end of a bunch of celery purchased at the grocery.  Seriously.  It is actually much taller in person, but I mulched it pretty heavily.

Pretty, pretty boxes.

I'm thrilled with this garden.  It's just another example of the Wonder of God's Creation.  From one tiny seed will come a plant that gives over and over something delicious.  Abundance truly is all around us just waiting for us to see it.  There is plenty for all and come August, stop on over and I'll share with you.

Here's the best part:  It is all planted, mulched, watered, and fertilized.  I am worn out!  Worn out.  My thighs are reassuring me that they've worked hard and are pretty insistent that they be allowed to go to bed.  So this post is finished.

Happy Saturday one and all.

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