Thursday, July 30, 2015

Well hello world!

It has been since November that I posted here.  That seems unbelievable to me on one level, yet I
♥ Maya
know it's true.

Lots has changed, and lots has stayed the same.  There really isn't any way to document everything, so I'm just going to act like we're good friends and can pick up anywhere without a lot of explanation. Sound good?

My new job is A-OK! I love it.  I've learned so much, yet have more to learn and am really excited about that.  It was my first tax season as an accountant and ohmygoodness!  I had no idea.  We were working 60 hour weeks and there were days when I would come home and just go straight to bed. Not only were the hours more intense, there was so much to learn that my brain was exhausted.  But even as I'm writing this, I'm smiling.  It was challenging and exhausting, but it was awesome!

I've let my side business slide while adjusting to my new career.  I finally think I've sort of caught up from all that I missed January through May. Sort of being the operative phrase.

Let me ask you this...  If you miss someone's birthday, and you want to send a belated card/gift - how late is too late?

Of course I'm asking because I missed some birthdays in the beginning of the year. Really, birthdays are not my strong suit. I don't know why, and I know I need to change the way I'm telling my story, And the whole story is that my husband isn't helpful in this arena, at all. Which wouldn't bother me except I feel inadequate here and would dearly love him to step up so I'm not going it alone.

We are about to become semi-empty nesters.  Our youngest is in college and will be returning to campus very soon.  Our next to youngest is moving to his own digs even as we speak. So, we're about to be on our own.  Which is both exciting and bittersweet.  I actually really like my husband.  Yes, he drives me batty, on a fairly regular basis, but I'm crazy about him and I enjoy spending time with him. It's the easiest and best relationship I have. On the other hand, dang I love those kids and miss them like mad when they're away.

Okay, that's all for today.  It's good to be back writing.  I like writing and I've missed this little not often seen blog.

Happy Thursday World!  Watch this Mike Rowe video for a little peak into his philosophy and take on life that has had me going hmmm for days.