Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let there be backsplash

Here is the first picture of the penny rounds we chose for our back splash.  We were tiling pretty late last night, so it isn't grouted and probably won't be today.  But I couldn't wait to share.  
What do you think?  

It's variegated and warm and looks lovely with the counter and looks lovely with the cabinets and is perfect and we love it.  Here's what's really interesting is that 1 &1/2 tiles fit in the space between the counter and cabinets perfectly. The only cutting we've done is tucking into corners and around the light switches.  Woot!

Here is why we chose this tile:  
One: the color.  It's warm and the variation in color just draws your eye along it.
Two: the shape.  The roundness is in contrast to the sharp lines in the counter and really the entire kitchen which is filled with straight lines, rectangles, etc.  
Three: We both liked it.  It took my hubby a while, but once he saw a demo of this at the tile place we were both on board. 

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