Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Corn Thief and the Wannabe's

Our property is surrounded by farm land on three sides. This year the farmers planted corn around us. We all love the corn. It noticeably grows every day, the leaves dance in the wind and when it's tall, we have a private oasis. Now it's fall and the corn is ready to harvest. The leaves, as they dry out, rattle together and sound like voices. It's a tiny bit spooky and perfect for this time of year.

Occasionally, the dog will decide a corn stalk is the perfect afternoon snack. She wanders over to the corn, selects a likely stalk and bites down and yanks until she pulls it out of the ground. (I have mentioned her love of eating all things, haven't I? Pine cones, gourds, dried moss... Oh it's a long list) The other day, she had just scored her afternoon snack of corn and took it out beside the pond to enjoy the warm sun, when the chickens spied her. Seeing she was eating they came running and began pecking the stalk to see what Daisy was enjoying.

Daisy leaped up with her stalk firmly clenched between her teeth and took off to find a safe spot, the stalk bouncing along the ground behind her. The chickens were in hot pursuit. No way were they letting that go so easily. Chickens firmly believe if it's good, run away with it. Since Daisy was running, it must be good. She tried a to find a spot to enjoy her corn, but the chickens caught up each time. She finally wised up and just took the ear of corn, leaving the chickens the stalk. So, Daisy left with the good stuff, the chickens pecked the stalk, determining it wasn't all that good and wandered away. Chickens are not all that bright. Daisy enjoyed her corn in peace.

This picture does not do the tale justice. The whole time my husband and I are watching the scene play out, I'm thinking I wish I had my camera, but no such luck. I used by phone to snap as Daisy was just getting ready to bolt with the ear of corn, leaving the stalk for the chickens. It was from a pretty far distance and the details are fuzzy. But, I didn't want to miss the action to try and find my camera. I wonder where that camera is? Hmmm....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First Snow...

It's snowing here!

Long time ago, when our local paper was written, in large part, by residents, there was a weekly column called "Between the Rows". The columnist, a farmer named Carey Glaze, wrote about an old farmer's tale that said the date of the first snow equals the number of snows to come during winter.  So today is the 23rd... 23 snows. YIKES.

I don't know because the article didn't say if it was snow or snow flurries or exactly what qualified and didn't. At the time I read the article I didn't question it, but I mentioned it at work a couple of years ago and boy did they have questions. We've tried rather unsuccessfully to monitor the winter snows to determine if the tale is true. Last year it was very close, possibly even exact (we'd forgotten the date of the first snow by the end of winter and were so tired of the snow anyway...)

So, this little post will help me remember at the end of another long winter.

Happy First Snow Day in central Ohio!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What is love?

There is no easy answer to this question. No single answer either. Love is as varied as the people who feel it. I don't think there's anything wrong with whatever your answer is, I"m just curious.

A long time ago, a friend shared that her 6 year old son was asked to explain how his mom and dad loved him.  His answer was they buy me things. She, my friend, was heartbroken, because she thought his answer meant she wasn't doing a good job of showing her love or teaching her son what matters and what doesn't. What she didn't realize was that her son was using the only language that he had. Plus, he'd probably never been asked that question before and probably hadn't really thought about it.

So today I'm asking you to think about it. What is love?

We use a lot of ice at our house. I like cold drinks - never have been a coffee, tea or hot cocoa drinker. I fill the glass to the brim with ice and then add water. I'd rather have to refill the glass because I ran out of water than to use less ice. I tell you that so you can understand what comes next. We use a lot of ice. We also live in the boonies and do not have an automatic ice maker. We keep 6 trays in the freezer and make ice nearly every day. In summer, we make it twice a day. Everybody has to contribute to the ice production - it's only fair. When I broke my arm two years ago, I lost strength that just hasn't returned. One area where I struggle is cracking the ice trays. Two of the six trays are particularly tricky to twist. My husband figured out that if those trays are on the top (don't ask me why, some science-y reason I"m sure), I'm able to twist them and get the ice out. So, he makes sure they are organized that way, so I can contribute and not be reminded of what I can't do.

To me that is love. Love is paying attention, understanding someone else's needs and doing what you can to make a difference.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hello World!

It's been a while, eh! Sometimes I crack myself up. I noticed that even in my absence, the blog is getting some traffic. It's both pleasing and puzzling. So I decided to look at the posts visitors are reading and sometimes I crack myself up.

I write just the way I talk. Extra exclamations, run on sentences, odd word choices... It's a hoot. It's a really good day when you learn to laugh at yourself! (Have I ever mentioned that before?) It comes with self-awareness, I think, and man oh man is it a good thing.

So, just in case you've been wondering where I've been... I discovered this really great book and I've been reading it every extra minute. If I"m not reading it, I'm talking about it or thinking about it. All day long. It's that good. More on that in a later post.

Here is one of the many items I just re-read "I'm humanly imperfect..." - LOVE it. I am humanly imperfect and so glad of it.

I hope to see you sooner rather than later. Until then, check out some of the old posts, bet they crack you up, too!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Self - Awareness - let's all get some

“When you hold on to your history, you do it at the expense of your destiny.” ~ Bishop T.D. Jakes

Self - Awareness is such an important skill. Please, please, please, spend some time developing the ability to see how you are and how that affects those around you. It is not okay to carry your childhood 'baggage' into senility. It really isn't. I could sugar coat this and say we are all on a journey and doing the best we can (which I believe wholeheartedly), but the fact of the matter is... it just isn't okay.

The thing is that if you aren't at least considering the people around you by the time you are an adult, you are just being lazy. Some will say self centered, egotistical, or shallow. I say lazy. You know the people I"m talking about... They wear the wounds of their childhood proudly and use them as excuses to behave any way they choose. They unleash their junk on you and claim "I had a bad childhood". Well people, I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU: (ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?) We all have wounds. It's part of life. The difference between you and all the people who "Just don't understand" is that they aren't inflicting their pain on you or using it as a crutch to be small, mean, lazy, unkind and stingy.

Let me say it again... WE ALL HAVE CRAP TO DEAL WITH. It doesn't make you special or unique or deserving of special consideration. What makes people special is how they respond. What makes people unique is how they fulfill the promise of life. Special consideration is reserved for the brave and the strong who persevere, who strive, who attain.

Whew. Tough day. Needed to vent. Thanks for letting me.

BTW~this little blog reached 3,000 views today. That's so cool and a little freaky. I hope you are finding value here. I know it helps me.  Thanks for taking a peek.