Friday, May 3, 2013

Duck, Duck, Goose

We have a large pond on our property and some time in April a pair of Canadian geese stopped and have never left.  Last weekend, I noticed a pair of ducks arrive and when they did the geese ran for the corn fields.  Hmmm...

It's happened a couple of times since. The ducks come and go. The geese are in the pond, the ducks arrive, the geese immediately vacate the pond, only to slip back in when the coast is clear.  

The goose is easily 5 times bigger than the duck. Maybe the duck has special powers ;-)

Today I'm hearing the geese honking and I look out the window and notice the ducks are back.  The geese are at the edge of the corn field and one of them is giving the duck what for.  Mind you the corn field is a good 50 feet from the edge of the pond, so he is giving the duck what for from a very safe distance.   

And what is the duck doing?  Swimming, dunking under to eat whatever yumminess the pond is growing and completely ignoring the goose chatter.

This is what is really meant by water off a ducks back.  The duck is having a lovely swim and probably wouldn't give two figs if the geese were in the pond.  But the geese won't share and are being such whiners about it.  

Life is fascinating. 

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