Saturday, May 11, 2013

We are grouting!

Well, as you can imagine in a hundred year old house, we ran into a couple of snags with the back splash project.  So...  We put tile on the two sections without issues (see picture here) and we've been in a period of discernment (that's my 25 cent word of the day) waiting for the solution to appear.  Which it did, in the form of a friend who recommended forgoing trying to tile the tricky area and put up a stainless steel panel instead.  OhMyGoodness, don't you love a friend who shares!

Well I mentioned it to my hubby and we were off to the races!  Lucky for us, two country blocks away, is a metal fabricating company.  The tricky area is behind the stove, which is under a window, which lines up with nothing.  It (the window) also has a protruding piece of wood - could be part of the sill, could be they used whatever they had and tough noogies that it sticks out about 3/8" from the drywall. Wow this is boring.  Anyway, there are some other totally uninteresting quirks about that stretch of wall that make tiling it tricky.

But now we havve a plan!  So today we grouted the tile we have.  AND IT LOOKS BEAUTEOUS!

Have I mentioned before we've never tiled anything before?  True story.  I thought the kitchen would be a good test site as it's a small area.  Then, if it goes well, we are moving on to the bathrooms.  Well it's gone well.  We've learned a lot (like buy more than 1 sponge) and it was fairly easy, and there were virtually no unhappy words.

I'm just about the give the grout a final clean and then I'll post a pic!  Woot!!!!

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