Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Layout

This is the winner.  I had no idea Blogger had so much to offer.  It pays to look around some.  Hope you like it.

It's Saturday and I'm enjoying the drizzly morning.  We are working on the garden today.  The vegetable garden that is.  We are doing a complete overhaul.  I mentioned to my favorite husband that if we could make some simple 2x4 box frames and fill them in with the extra dirt from the garage extension (have I ever mentioned that before?) they'd be little raised beds and we could make a pathway from the free mulch to help keep the weeds at bay.  I said do you think that would be too much?

To which he said not at all.  He then proceeded to use two computer programs to design the new garden space.   It's color coded.  Squares and rectangles with a white walkway.   It's beautiful.  Like a Mondrian.

Just before this I was out shoveling dirt into some of the finished boxes and he says "I might have taken it too far.  Like usual, you said could we make simple and I..." he trailed off a little sheepishly.  "Built the Taj Mahal" I said.  Which it's true in the best possible way.  I have these simple ideas and he creates masterpieces.  I totally love that guy!

Anyway, I came in because my arms were hurting from the shoveling, but I think I've recovered enough to shovel a little more.  I just can't even tell you how much I like playing in the dirt.  :)

Happy Saturday to you.

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