Sunday, October 28, 2012

More than... Less than...

I was cruising the web yesterday and came across a post that was basically a rant about a famous blogger. I say rant because the post was filled with bitterness and accusations about how the famous blogger can't possibly be doing...

What this particular post said or who it was written about really isn't important. What struck me about this piece is this:

Why on earth does someone else have to be less than what they are for you to be enough? Why on earth are you comparing yourself to anyone else and deciding that you are a failure? People! Seriously!

Let's start at the beginning, you were born - therefore you are worthy of your time here on earth. You don't have to earn worthiness. You were born. You are enough. You are the only you there is. It's not your job to be anyone else, in fact you can't be anyone else. You can only ever be you. In trying to be someone else, you are still you - just you trying to be someone you aren't.

What is point being ticked someone is doing something you are not? Either you want to do it too, so get out there and do it, or you don't. In which case, why would you be ticked about people doing something you don't want to do? Seriously!

You can only ever be you AND Only you can be you. Which can either be amazing or a bitter, ranting, pity fest. You decide.

No one else has to be less than what they are for you to be worthy. Why? Because you are enough.

You are enough. Period.

This photo was taken by my amazingly talented son.