Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project #15 Wristlets

Yes, yes, yes. Another purse project. I love them. They are fun to make and can be as wild or as subtle as your mood strikes you.

This is my first foray into wristlets. I just started with some cotton thread and improvised until I felt they were finished. I made the pink one first, but in the end thought it looked pretty old lady-y (this is primarily due to the color combination I think). Despite the fact that my children think I'm an old lady, I do not want my wristlet to say as much.

Besides, I wanted to try slightly larger dimensions and I wanted more of the fabric to show above the crochet. So, out came the green thread and voila! I'm pretty happy with the finished project. I added the besds to one side so when I'm carrying it, the beads will show and a little bead dangle for the zipper pull.

One thing I do like about the pink is the spiderweb embroidery flowers. They really are very cool and I will be using them again on a future project.

I used the green one yesterday while running errands. Very nice. I left my bigger purse containing all the things I think I might need, but actually only use a few times a year, in the car. I slipped on my green beauty and off I went. It's very convenient... when you need two hands, it politely swings around your wrist and it's perfect to hold my ID/card carrying thingy, some cash and my lip stuff. I believe I might be easily addicted.

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