Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visiting other Blogs

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating... I am blown away by the generous, loving spirit that is evident by just touring around the various blogs on this site. Not to mention YouTube and other sites. If there is anything you want to learn, by golly a few minutes with a search engine will get you going.

I've spent the morning, separate from a dental appointment and a trip to the other side of the county for nothing :-\ (but that is a story for another time), perusing blogs. There are several I've chosen to follow, which I always check up on, but today I decided to let my fancy go where it may by following links or searching phrases.

My goodness was that fun! I discovered a couple of blogs that may become regulars for me. I've learned a lot! And compiled a whole list of things I want to try! It's really fun and interesting to see not only the differences in the look of the blogs, but also the postings. Even though several I visited were sewing/crafting in nature, the projects and posts were so different. Entertaining, interesting, informative, visually stimulating, creatively stimulating, comforting... Amazing!


in the picture is Clink, who came to us a stray, bedraggled, half starved kitten. all black, save for a few white hairs on her chest, she believes she is in charge. she embodies the quote "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff." she often causes raised voices because she is forever laying under feet or on the darkest part of the rug. however, quirky aggravating behavior aside, she is loved and so belongs in a post.

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