Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project #21 Shirt Purse

Okay, before you say anything... I love this purse. I realize that a shirt purse is not everyone's cup of tea, but using the details from the clothing makes the purse interesting. Plus, it's quirky in a way that appeals to my sense of humor.

The other day my favorite hubby was cleaning out the closet of items not worn and this terrific shirt made it into the pile. He started to explain to me why he wasn't keeping it, but I said "No worries, I'll use it in my studio." The minute he said it was to go, I saw a purse! I have always loved red, white and blue and something about this shirt just screamed purse.

So, I've been looking at and thinking about that shirt for a few days... Pondering how to cut, what to keep, etc. I wanted the button placket for sure and I thought a pocket would be cool, but I didn't want both pockets. So yesterday I decided to cut... From just beside one pocket across the placket, including the pocket on the other side all the way to the sleeve, which was the most I could get from the front without using the other pocket. It looked cool, but it just wasn't quite enough.

So, this morning I thought "I'm adding some denim". I mean what goes better with a comfy shirt than an old pair of jeans? These were my oldest son's and were a 'carpenter' style. They have this long skinny pocket on the back and with a few modifications, it's perfect for my cell phone! I lined it with a scrap from the shirt and then tacked the corner down so the plaid shows through.

Once I added the denim to the shirt it was a perfect size. I boxed the corners and made tabs and handles from pieces of the shirt and jeans. The lining is a solid red and I used polyester felt between the layers to add body and softness. It's a shame the handles don't show more as they are fun. Denim on top, with shirt plaid on the inside.

This has been a great day and I have a fabulous new purse!

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