Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project #22 Purse Accessories

Yes, I've gone a little crazy. But, these accessories are so quick and simple to create that it's crazy not to ;)

Tissue cover: I used the hem of the shirt sleeve to create the 'ribbon' accent.

Eyeglass case: This is the shirt sleeve, minus the hem.

Checkbook cover: I used a small piece left from the sleeve, which happened to be on the bias to make the ribbon accent.

I am seriously amazed at how much I've created from less than half a shirt. I still have the entire back of the shirt, part of the right front and one sleeve. Shoot, I can probably make a new shirt from all of that!

If you want to make purse accessories, you can search the web for tutorials or you can just jump in with both feet. These don't require a lot of material, so if you goof, try again. I love fooling around with these kinds of projects. Useful, simple, fun.

We are enjoying our fourth day of sunshine. In a row. This is something to celebrate after the intense winter. May you also be experiencing something to celebrate!

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