Saturday, March 26, 2011

Make a Pearl

The most extraordinary thing about the oyster is this... Irritations get into the shell and when he cannot get rid of them he uses the irritations to do the loveliest thing an oyster ever has the chance to do. If there are irritations in our lives today there is only one prescription: make a pearl. And it takes faith and love to do it. -- Harry Emerson Fosdick

I'm on my soapbox for the next few minutes...

I've been a little aggravated off and on with the media coverage of celebrities acting a fool. First of all, let me say that I think the amount of attention paid to celebrities is ridiculous. Based on the amount of magazines, television shows, and other media coverage one might think I'm in the minority, but I don't think so. Second, let me say that I'm very well aware that not every celebrity acts a fool.

Actors, musicians, artists all contribute to the world - no argument from me. I like movies; I love music; there are TV shows that I never miss; I've been to my share of basketball, baseball, soccer, football and hockey games. I just don't believe that because someone can 'slam dunk' or once sang a song that meant something to me that they are some type of guru or should be adored. I don't think the ability to act makes you an authority on the clothing I should buy or the thoughts I should think or the food I should eat or the charities I should support. I also don't believe that the mere accomplishment of being famous should excuse or forgive behavior.

But, deeper than my aggravation with the relentless media coverage of celebrities is the sadness I feel over the fact that we are paying for their tantrums, crime sprees and lunatic behavior. By watching their shows, seeing their movies, attending their games or concerts, we are paying them.

And my goodness what they are being paid! I realize that 'celebrity' is big business and that their wages in turn pay for all the others who create/keep the 'celebrity' going, but the fact is that the exorbitant salaries paid contribute to such an expensive final product that attending is becoming cost prohibitive.

It makes me sad and just a little crazy that ticket prices have reached a place where people can no longer afford to go to movie theaters, sporting events, live theater, and/or concerts. It makes me sadder and crazier when I think about the quality of entertainment, the behavior, the drugs, the influence on our young people. Aack!

I think it might be time for a shift in our perspective, fellow consumers. What if we sent a message to the entertainment world that we want better from them? What if we had the power to influence not only the ticket prices, but what kinds of entertainment we are getting?

Well my friends we do have that power. We do and we've had it all along. It's in our wallets and our decisions about how we spend our hard earned dollars. It's supply and demand :)

By being selective about what we buy we can send a very strong message. By refusing to buy the expensive, often negative 'supply' they are currently offering, we will change demand and therefore they must change supply. We can say "No Thank You!" to the tantrums. "No Thank You!" to the scary destructive behavior. "No Thank You!" to the lackluster or half hearted quality.

And so, rather than be aggravated, sad or crazy, I will be making a pearl and following my spirit. Join me won't you?

off my soapbox now-thanks for listening.

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