Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love is the answer

Well, isn't that the truth! I love Valentine's Day. I've probably mentioned that before. I like to make a fuss for my family. It kind of makes me sad when people say it's a greeting card holiday because they are missing the point. Every holiday and event has a commercial side to it... Think about it. When was the last time a baby was born that didn't involve a baby shower? Birthdays - cake, balloons, presents. The Olympics, the Super Bowl.  Christmas, Halloween.  Everything has a commercial side. The point of Valentine's Day and every event is not what can be purchased. The point is the other people in your life.

For me, Valentine's is just one more way I can show the people I love that they are special. We never go out for Valentine's. I always make dinner - I made heart shaped mini-meatloaf once. I also decorate the kitchen somehow. Hearts dangling from the ceiling is my favorite.

Anyway, love is the answer. It always is. It doesn't require money or fancy gifts, it just requires attention. Some of my very favorite, most treasured things my boys made with their hands and found objects. They are sweet and real and heartfelt.

February always gets me to thinking about how to make Valentine's fun and this morning I woke up thinking about it. I love waking up thinking about love! (hee hee - too many loves? No, can't be that!)

I'm ready to head out into the world today. We've been housebound with another winter blast :-/, but today I'm going out into the world and looking forward to it!

Hope your day is terrific!

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