Sunday, February 2, 2014

Birthday Wishes

Two days ago was my husband's birthday. It's been a busy week and I just didn't manage to get the post on time. He's a winner, is my husband. He works hard, is warm hearted, genuinely kind, willing to help anyone and loving! We made a big fuss, had dinner and I stopped by the wonderful place called Just Pies.  If you live in or around Columbus Ohio you may already know. For those who don't, they make the most delicious pies - - okay, truth is I don't really like pie. The only pie I kind of like is Fresh Strawberry, but then I don't eat the crust...  But my husband, he loves the pie! Virtually all pies, any time, all day long. So for his birthday I picked up 5 different little 6" pies and he was and still is, in heaven.

No, I'm not a paid endorser, just a happy customer (which is really the best sort of endorsement, don't cha think!).

Happy Birthday sweet husband of mine. ♥

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