Friday, February 4, 2011

Project #8 Teethers

Here is a sweet little project I found through homemadebyjill. Homemade by Jill is one of my favorites. She's very talented and as you will see, her teethers are amazing. The pattern is from therubberpunkin and she has an amazing tutorial to walk you through the steps.

This is fussy work, the eyes, the ribbons on the side, trying to turn the project right side out. Needless to say I learned a lot during this first round. Next time I will make the eyes a little larger and I will probably only use two ribbons on the sides as I like the look better. I used Jill's idea of adding something crinkly inside and love the way it sounds. I used two layers of Warm and White to enclose the plastic, which were the same size as the outside. I stitched these three layers together to avoide shifting. Then I sewed all five layers, front, back, batting, plastic, batting. Pretty thick and difficult to turn. Next time I'm going to make the batting/plastic sandwich smaller, and insert it after the front and back are sewn and turned. I'll let you know how that goes.

Funny side note... Yesterday I just happened to go to Big Lots to replenish our gift bag and tissue paper supply. I bought a collection of bags in a large clear plastic bag. When I transfered the gift bags out of the plastic bag, I knew I'd found the perfect plastic for this project. It's a little stiff and very crinkly. A quick dip in vinegar to make it germ free and it was ready to use. I love how amazing life is. Oh, the best part... The bag is huge and will last through many many many projects. amazing ;)

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