Friday, February 4, 2011

Project #10 Fleece Vest.

It's been a busy day, filled with completed projects. Many were started on another day, like this vest. I started it a week ago, but when I tried it on and it was too large (and the side seams and armhole facings were already finished) I had some thinking to do before continuing. For the first couple of days I was just a little ticked. I know better than to wait to try on when the garment is mostly finished. And the really aggravating part is it's a pattern I've used before and remembered how big it ran, so took in all the pieces before cutting. But not enough! Arrrrrghhhh. Okay maybe more than a little ticked.

Then, which option to pursue... I could rip out all the finished work and take in along the sides or I could put in darts or I could run some elastic along the back, creating a gather.

So I tried pin fitting each option and it turns out I liked the elastic along the back best, but doing a small strip in the middle of the back wasn't going to be enough. So instead, I made a small belt, using 1 1/2 inches of the fleece and 1/2 elastic. I sewed the belt to the side seam and it creates a soft gather along the back, which makes an otherwise gender neutral shape a little more feminine. 'Course the fabric helps with that too ;)

You might notice that the facing is a combination of the floral and a solid pink. This is because this fleece is a remnant bin treasure. There was just a smidge over 1 yard and it wasn't quite enough for the facings, so I used a lovely pink for the armhole facings and the lower portion of the front facings.

I'm pleased with the day and the vest. This is project #10 and I'm 1/3 to my goal. * 10 projects in 17 days * While not at the pace I'd originally set, it's darn good! Oh and this vest turned out so well that I'm going to make another with (can you guess?) another remnant treasure!!! You're excited aren't you!?

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