Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project #11 Angels

I love this pattern, called Robbie's Angel. I've made it dozens of times over the years. I fiddle with the pattern a little, as you will see if you compare my angels to the original. Mostly I fiddle to make the angels individual, so siblings aren't receiving the same angel. I also prefer to use Luster Sheen or it's equivelent weight. Because I use the larger thread, I eliminate one round on the granny square as it looks right to me, which is the beauty of creating your own art isn't it?

This closeup is to show the more masculine and the more feminine angels. I thought the un-ruffled edging, on the blue angel, would seem less girly... What do you think? I may add some ribbon bows at the neck, I'm undecided. It's another way I mix up the look of the angels. Perhaps a bow tie for the boy angels...

The angels will be Christmas 2011 gifts. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Think what you will. It's another bonus of this 30 projects challenge... By the way, my husband said the other day "I thought you were done. I've seen much more than 30 items come out of the room (my studio)." Which was really interesting. I've been counting projects, as in different sessions or kinds of things I've been working on, not multiples of the same item. Hmmmm... perspective is an interesting thing isn't it.

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