Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update & Admission

Okay, I've been avoiding the blog. I admit it. I set a goal that is just not realistic and rather than admit it, I've been avoiding the blog.

All done with that now.

Here's what I've discovered... 30 projects is completely doable either of the following ways:

1. Making or completing simple projects only.
2. Doing nothing else except working on these projects. No work, no family time, no reading... Well you get the idea.

Turns out I'm not really interested in doing either. I like a flexible schedule and I like spending time with my family. While I enjoy simple projects I also enjoy the challenge of tailoring clothes, crocheting shawls, knitting sweaters, all of which take longer than the hours I have each day.

So, rather than hiding from the blog, I'm going to alter my goal. I'm still focussed on 30 projects, but now I'm willing to leave the end date open. That way I can make things I want to make, give them the time they deserve and will produce things out of my 'studio' that make me happy and proud.

And I have to say that is a much better goal!

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