Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project #6 Nightgown

I totally dig this nightgown! The fabric is a quilters flannel that I purchased on super sale last spring. I really like the color and pattern. It's busy, but the colors are muted and I think it's going to fade beautifully.

Some wonder why I make so many of my clothes... The answer is simple, I like what I like. So often, ready made items are a little short here or a little wide there. Hand made means custom. Take this nightgown, I like long sleeves... really long. When my arm is folded, I like the hem to reach just past my wrist bone. Same goes for the length, I want it all the way to the floor. I mean, it's winter, the less exposed skin the better ;). Hand made means I can customize the garments, adding a couple of inches to the sleeve and ruffle.

btw - anyone notice that this is the same lining fabric I used on the eyeglass case yesterday? Another bonus to making my clothes... the scraps :)

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