Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 1: Eyeglass Cases

Bum ba nah.... Here it is, the very first project.

There is a really great book, called Ready Set Serge, think possibly I've mentioned it before. It's by Georgie Melot and she's filled the book with lots of great serger only projects.

The eyeglass case is just one. Today I made these two at the same time. The outside is an eyelet denim and the inside is a paisley flannel.

While the finished project is really quite something, serging through all the layers required some effort for my serger and I'm not sure I'll make too many others with denim. You see, for part of the project you are sewing through all the layers: two denim, two batting, two flannel. When using the recommended fabric(cotton) it's a piece of cake.

That being said, I'd forgotten how much fun this little project is and how quick it works up. Plus the amount of fabric needed is quite small and I made these from the scrap pile. Think I may be making a few more in future.

Oh, interesting note... see how the curve on the cases are opposite? Well, when I was cutting out the fabric I quite habitually folded the fabric right sides together for the outside and lining, then laid them on top of each other and cut around the pattern once. In doing so, the curve on the first went one direction, while the curve on the other went the opposite. They are like mirror images. It doesn't bother me, but should it bother you then you'll need to take more care in how you layer and cut.

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