Monday, February 23, 2009

Ripple Bliss

I am an avid fan of the Lion Brand Yarn website. Of course, I love the yarn, too. The best part of the website is all the extras. So many fun creative patterns, ideas, and tips. Just before illness struck, I discovered the ripple pattern dishtowel. Inspired!

What can I say... I love the ripple. Love, love, love. Enough to work on one when I felt pretty low down, and then another cause I liked the first one so much.

In my time I've made dozens, perhaps even hundreds of dish and wash cloths, but I never thought about making a towel. It's pretty, absorbent, and as it's 100% cotton it dries in a snap.

Yep, I'm a woman of simple pleasures (which I'm totally okay with), but look at it! Ripple Bliss.

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