Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chicken on the roof

We have chickens, which we free range. One rooster, and three hens - all bantams. They are new, since summer 2008, and still a novelty. Chickens are pretty entertaining, believe it or not, so it's possible more chicken stories will follow.

Ours do not like snow covered ground. Driving rain, no problem. Frigid temps, okay. Gusting wind, totally fine. But snow covered grass, no way, no how, not happening! They've spent a lot of time inside in the past few weeks, but yesterday a small ring of grass encircled casa chicken and out they came.

The rooster and two of the girls are pretty tight, moving around together. The third hen is more independent, sometimes with the group, sometimes following her own song. Yesterday's song took her to the roof of the garage, where she spent several minutes in the sun and wind, moving up the roof, to get a better view I assume.

High, yes, especially for a bantam weight chicken, who cannot fly very long distances. Slick, yes, steep pitch, high gloss, metal roof. But, the sun was shining and the roof is black, so it must have been warm. After weeks of near zero temps. Not to mention, the view from way up there!

So, while the others were milling around, she had an adventure...

Follow your song!


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