Friday, February 27, 2009

Realigning my creative space...

My oldest took this picture of our Bleeding Heart, in April 2008. It gives me hope. Spring is coming.

I live in an old house that was built around the turn of the previous century. It's had its share of add ons and remodels, leaving it quirky.

My creative space is one of those parts of the house that's been remodeled by every owner. It's been a porch, a bedroom and a den (all before our time). When we moved here my husband said it was for me and I thought "Who am I to argue?". So, I have a small quirky space that until recently has been called 'the Craft Room'. But, I've decided to rename it my studio, for a lot of reasons, but partly because it makes me smile when I say it :-).

I make a lot of gifts, especially at Christmas and the studio was looking a little ragged. So this morning I decided to treat myself, and everyone else who looks in, to a tidy up. Or what I dubbed 'realigning my creative space', which is more accurate and more inspiring. Now it looks like a studio... organized and creative.

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