Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clips and children...

Okay, it's fair to say that I'm totally crazy about my kids. They are pretty amazing people, talented, kind, compassionate, smart, loving, clever, witty. You get the idea. I know I am totally biased. But, as they are very nearly perfect you can understand my bias ;-)

I discovered these clips last year, when I was looking for graduation themed stuff. They have since become one of my favorite bead findings. I don't really like traditional pins, but do like a little sparkle on a jacket or coat. I like movement and these clips facilitate that. The clip, while not particularly beautiful, easily and securely attaches to collars, purses, book bags, jeans pockets. It dangles and sparkles on whatever I clip it.

This clip is in honor of my youngest, who plays basketball. The white beads are actually alpha beads and spell my star's name. I included the school colors and some beads that reflect what an athlete brings to the game.

I'm in the process of creating a collection of these clips... Greens, blues, pinks, reds... Not to mention Christmas, Valentine's... At what point does a collection become an obsession? I'm on the lookout for music beads as my oldest is a musician and I definitely need a clip for that!

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