Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thoughts about selling.

Why would I put handmade things into an Etsy shop? Especially when this blog is filled with things I make. Well, I'll tell you... Sometimes you just want to buy a thing, not make it. Etsy is filled with things, handmade and not. I decided to list some cowls and scarves on a whim really. I want an outlet for my handwork and I'd already had the shop from before. I feel marginally uncomfortable listing items... primarily because I feel vulnerable. As if the value of what I do is determined by whether or not it has been purchased. In my rational mind, I realize that my items a drop in the bucket. There are literally hundreds of thousands of items listed on Etsy. The chance that someone will happen upon my work is small.

So again, why would I list items on Etsy? Well, I think it's great if someone does find my stuff and buys it. But, the real reason I did it is the joy and the hope and excitement and expectation AND because it makes me feel vulnerable. Really. Since reading Daring Greatly, I've been leaning into the discomfort of situations and have found something really great, really delicious every time I've done it. Whenever I feel like it's 'outside my comfort zone', I know it's the time to lean. Don't get me wrong, I'm not always 100% successful with things - in fact sometimes I fall flat. But, being flawless or perfect is not my goal. My goal is to be a better me. I've found out something about myself each time I've pushed into the void and that is great in a way I've yet to find the right words to describe it.

So, selling things on Etsy... Yes I am. I hope someone finds something they like and enjoys the heck right out of it.

This cowl is my own design. It's lovely and slouchy and warm. As we are in the midst of negative temps, warm is welcome here! Check out the shop if you would like to purchase. Check out the shop, even if you don't. I'm a little proud, can you tell?

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