Sunday, January 19, 2014


As I might have mentioned a time or two :-)  I don't know a whole lot about photography. I've relied on point and shoot cameras or the auto focus feature on my fujifilm. But now that I'm reintroducing my creations to etsy, it's become important to try and get consistently good pics.

So, this week I've been working on pictures of the knitted items I've made and the color is not turning out accurate. Normally, when I need something to be really good, I ask my son who is an excellent photographer, but classes have resumed and he is away. The initial pictures I posted were taken in all artificial light. The color is close, but not exact. So, college students leave and I ordered a wire mannequin to pose with the knitted items. The mannequin finally arrives and yesterday, in full daylight, I took pictures.

Here is an interesting thing I noticed... I took more pictures of the remaining cowls and two scarves I've made. Only one item does not contain wool. Guess what! The non wool item photographed in true color. See the pink scarf... It really looks just like this. It's bright, and fun and you can see the texture really well.

The wool items, the color photographs anywhere from not quite right to really way off. It also doesn't show the depth of color in the photo. See the green scarf... It's actually this beautiful deep forest green with low lights that are completely lost in the photo. In person, this cowl is nubby and textured and makes you want to put it on.

I don't even know what to make of this development. Really.

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