Sunday, January 5, 2014

Handknit Cowls in my Etsy Shop

Hello All!

I've added three cowls to my Etsy Shop follow this link. I really enjoy knitting and need an outlet for my creations. These cowls are my own design, needles and yarn - just letting the knitting happen. I love the texture and the yarn is delicious!

One day, real soon, I'll post a pic of the cowl being worn... My model is out of commission right this minute and nothing I've tried putting the cowl on shows well. LOL. Can you say amateur? Ah, well, I am new at this. I started the etsy shop a few years ago on a lark, but I was unfocused and the shop reflected that. This go around, I'm focused on knitted and crocheted items and feeling very hopeful.

It's easy to keep putting things off, which is totally fear masquerading as perfectionism or procrastination. Among other things I learned last year, I'm leaning into the discomfort of not being 100% ready and listing items in my shop.

These cowls are infinity style, which you can't see in the pics. There is a bright royal blue, a warm true red and crisp winter white available.  Get yours before they're gone!

I'll be adding some things to shop over the next couple of days.

Perhaps the thing you've been looking for is right there in my shop. :)

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