Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa Hat Brownies

We went to a family gathering yesterday and I took these!

From Pinterest came the inspiration-you've probably seen the Strawberry version. I used raspberries because the strawberries looked sketchy, but in the end I like them better. They are smaller, easier to eat in one or two bites and the raspberries and chocolate are a thing of beauty! Besides, I have a thing for small desserts. I'm not a huge sweet eater and I generally skip dessert because I rarely want the whole serving. Bite size desserts are perfect for me.

To make perfect circles, I purchased a set of 1 round cutters that begins with 3/4 and ends at 3 5/8. I tested the sizes until I found one that suited the raspberries, then went to town. This is an easy dessert with a big wow factor.

Typically I make brownies from chocolate squares, but I was fresh out, so off the web...  I used this recipe and can highly recommend. The brownies were delicious, chocolatey and cut like a dream! I used mini chips - don't know if that makes a difference or not, but wanted to mention it.

I made whipped cream from heavy cream and a sprinkle of sugar, which I put in a zipper bag with a star tip in one corner. Piping a ring along the outer edge of the brownie, my husband put the raspberry in place and I put the smallest dot of whipped cream on the top.  I think they look cute and they were totally delicious.

Are you admiring the photos? Don't they look good? Yep, my son took these pictures! Nice, aren't they!

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