Thursday, December 19, 2013


I've been feeling very creative recently, which can I just take a moment to feel very thankful? Sigh, smile, bliss. Sometimes, I find myself in a vaccuum, where I'm separate from my mojo. But not now! I'm in the flow and it is good! This week I sent cheery holiday themed earrings to my best gals. My son says, why not your other nieces, since I mailed to only one... I said it's because they are holiday themed and not many young ones enjoy those. Am I wrong? or do you agree? So I made the executive decision to mail to my friends, sister, sisters in law, daughter, daughters in law, mother in law and just one niece.

Anyway, I made trees (two versions), snowmen (two versions), santa hats, and penguins. As per usual, I mailed off the items before I snapped pictures, so tonight I made more, except the penguins, they are gone. As is also usual, the pics are questionable. I apologize. I found the tree patterns on the web and hand made those with green wire. The snowmen with faces (not including the hat) are a single lampwork bead and I used two different magnetic beads to make the hat. The other snowman was a kit that came with all the parts. The santa hats are lampwork as well.  It was fun, fun, fun to make and mail them off. I love getting mail almost as much as I love sending mail!

I am also on a very intense knitting schedule, that has created a strain in my upper arm. A knitting injury. What the heckle? Is that even possible. I'd have said no, but since it's worse when I finish a knitting bout, I know that's the cause. Clearly knitting is for warriors! hee hee...

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