Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blissful Christmas!

It is New Year's Eve, but I wanted to include a brief entry filled with gratitude for this Christmas week. I've been on vacation since the 19th of December and it has been fabulous. We've taken each day as it arrived without expectation and let it unfold. Heaven! Sure there have been things to do, but the freedom and peace to allow each day to just be has been magical.

I was talking to a friend yesterday who asked about our Christmas and blissful rolled right off my tongue. It was really and truly blissful. Quiet, loud, busy, active,  This year I made a point to watch the faces of my kids as they opened gifts. Watching the emotions flicker across...  In those moments, I felt transported through the years, yet totally present in this one. It's the weirdest parental phenomenon, to look at your adult children and yet see them through the ages, like layers in a kaleidoscope. I love being a parent. It's the most challenging and joyous thing I've ever done and especially during this time of year, I am overwhelmingly thankful.

We bookended Christmas with two family gatherings on the Saturday's before and after. So it really has been a Christmas week for us. One for the books. Or rather just one book, the book of Love.

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