Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Saturday!

We have grandkids visiting today.  The beauty, the absolute beauty of kids is that they are a bright, shining light when you need it.  I'm watching a blond 3 year old cutie push around a yoga ball.  Back and forth between rooms.  She wants to call it Ruby.  I say okay.  Whoops now she is "talking" on the telephone.

In the first 30 minutes we looked at frogs and turtles, fed gold fish in the pond, perused the garden naming all the things planted in there, had a potty stop and made beautiful music on the piano.

Life is good and I'm very thankful for my visitors.

This is the first rose on the climbing rose bush and if you look close you can see the visitor on the lower petal, who I suspect has been eating the leaves like they are candy.

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