Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shake your booties!

My nephew has a new son, just 8 days old.  I can't help but think about my grown babies, when they were newly born.  The smell, the snuggle, the sense of awe.  Ahhh, those are good memories.  I love my babies all the way, fully and completely, and my prayer for Baby Leo is to know that same deep and abiding love.

In honor of the new baby, I made booties.  I found this pattern on the wonderful world wide web and made a pair for the sweet new boy, who was named Leonidas by his parents (God love them).  Knowing they will never find anything with his name on it, I made a little charm for his Mom.  I like charms, hope she does, too.  I included a frog for my Mom, who would have loved the great grandkids as much as she loved her grandkids.

The pattern is fun and easy, so I made a pair for a co-worker who just found out grandchild #2 is on the way.  I skipped the bows on this pair as they overshadowed the toes, which I love!  Isn't this yarn amazing!  It's Lion Brand Jamie Yarn - both booties actually. Totally love the way they stripe.  By the way, I went down in needle size from the pattern, so experiment with the pattern to be sure you'll end up with size you want.

Babies are a miracle. A true and honest miracle we can see and touch. ♥


  1. Marshall, congratulations on your new family member, I also loved that intense newborn time with my 4! Your booties are beautiful & a great idea for baby gifts. Thanks for dropping by and commenting :-)

  2. I'm so sorry Marsha, obviously 'autocorrect' has different ideas what your name should be ;-)

    1. lol Angela, not a problem. Autocorrect gets me on a regular basis! Thank you!


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