Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of Light... Fresh paint

The kitchen was in need of a freshening.  So we are beginning with paint.  I've tried unsuccessfully to use color on the kitchen walls.  It just doesn't work for me.  I really can't say why either because it's the only room that is white in our entire house.

We contemplated painting for a while.  I really don't enjoy painting.  I love the results, though.  So after much consideration we chose an slightly off white color.  The woodwork was tan, but now it is a mayonnaise white to match the rest of the house. For those of you who might be grossed out over painted woodwork, I live in an ooooold house.  This woodwork was painted many, many years ago and had been painted many, many times before I arrived here. Over the years I've tried a lot of different color combinations, but the mayonnaise white (which just means a whisper of yellow that is not detectable, but warms the white) is the best on the woodwork.  No matter what you paint the walls, the mayonnaise looks good. (It's a tip I learned from an HGTV designer/host and it's a good one.)

While there is not much contrast between the two colors, mayonnaise trim and slightly off white walls, I like the feeling in the room.  My husband and I have been working on it for two days. We patched drywall, cleaned every appliance - inside and out, tightened screws, and painted three luscious coats on the trim and just one on the walls and ceiling.

We've even picked out a new light fixture, which is not going up today.  We are burned out, just now.  It's been hard quality work and we needed a little break.  I actually had to give myself a nap break today - the paint fumes and the sore arms were really getting to me and it's no good to be crabby in the middle of such an event.

We have a couple of things to accomplish before we can bring things back together, so it will be one or two more days of evening work.  Still on the list:  fresh coat of sealer on the wood floor and a good scrubbing of the linoleum.  Oh, and the windows will need cleaning.  (I might have gotten a little paint on one or two of them.)  ;-)

I'm taking this opportunity to revise what is necessary in the kitchen.  There were definitely too many things in there and I'd like to rethink, reorganize and reduce, while I have the chance.

My fabulous hubby worked his magic and I love him completely for sticking with me through the process.  Someday soon there will be pictures.  But not today.  I'm tuckered.

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