Friday, February 15, 2013

Switch Plates!

So, it's the year of light and I'm going literal for a minute.  We are upgrading our lighting this year.  All through the house.  We're aging (shocking, I know) and with that comes the need for more light.

As I might have mentioned, we are in the midst of a kitchen refresh!  It's going really well.  We used to have a very homey, country feel (with roosters).  Those are gone and they aren't coming back.  I enjoyed them and now I'm ready for something new.  Some of the switch plates we had were rooster themed.  Rather than replace them, I decided to glitter them.  OMG.  They look incredible!  It takes a couple of coats, depending on the color you are using and what you are covering.  And, you will definitely want to end with a coat of mod podge, otherwise you will end up with glitter on your hand every time you touch a plate.  

Well, I've tried twice to get pictures of the kitchen plates and it's a no go.  This camera!  But, once I had success with the kitchen I moved on to other plates and the pictures turned out great:  

The two on the left are on a copper (non metallic) colored wall and the last is on a chocolate wall.  It's funny how flat and similar the paints look, but we're focusing on the switch plates.  You see, even with the mod podge over it, the glitter is still glittery!  I like the little bit of unexpected sparkle.  It's lightening the lighting.  (hee hee hee, ohhhh I crack myself up)

Get some mod podge and cover your plates with whatever will make you smile!

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