Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Delight


This is how I spent my Sunday afternoon:  Shopping, emptying, cleaning, sorting, labeling, organizing, smiling.

Last year I bought a label maker-love, love, love.  It might seem silly, but there is something about a label that makes you (or anyone else) put things back where you got them.  I labeled everything in my craft space and by gum a year later it's all still where it belongs.

It's all the same stuff in this cabinet, with the exception of the marshmallows which were begging to become crispy treats and the only way to stop the begging was to comply :).  I have one leftover container, which would have held the marshmallows.

I did think about the containers for a while before purchasing.  Rectangular is better.  Stackable is great.  Clear lets me see when it's time to buy more.  Tight seals are important for freshness.   I'd even looked before but nothing was just right.  Quality is important, but taking a second mortgage for containers is ridiculous. Today I found these at a great price.  Let me just say... It is worth the wait to get just what I wanted for a price I can celebrate.

Though this would have been accomplishment enough for one Sunday, we didn't stop there.  We also addressed the spices, the pot lids, the under sink area and the trash & recycling.  I forgot to take pictures of the spices, which was similarly dramatic.  The rest just doesn't have the same wow factor so I didn't bother with pictures, but each will make day to day life simpler, easier and all around better.

It's been a fun day with my best guy.

How did you spend your Sunday?  Doing something you enjoy I hope!

I saw a sign today that read:  There is no remedy for Love but to Love more

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