Friday, February 22, 2013

Bulletin Board & Switch Plates

This used to be covered with chickens and was desperately in need of an update.  I have quite a stash of fabric, but the only one worthy of the new kitchen (cream with soft gold stars, randomly scattered) just wasn't quite big enough.  

So last weekend it was off to the fabric store for me.  I found this natural muslin with a sprinkle of glitter and declared it good.  The glitter is subtle and I found some gold cord in a box of cast off from my mother in law.  I covered the board with a thin tightly stretched layer of batting, which I stapled first.  Then, the fabric, pulled taut and stapled.  There was just enough cording to do the cross hatching, which is trickier than I thought.  Trying to keep the lines on the same angle from one side to the other - yikes.  My oldest son helped me though and it turned out fairly well, though we did some fudging here and there.  I tied the ends of the cord in knots and stapled using the knot to keep the cording from coming loose.

I bought silver thumbtacks at the dollar store and placed them on every other intersection.  I would have done every intersection, but the cord is too tight and the tacks keep popping back out.

Funny - I just loaded the pics and realized I took this pic before the tacks were put in.  Well, trust me, the silver and gold look good together.  Ohmygoodness, luckily this blog isn't about being perfect, eh!

I've been talking about the glitter plates in the kitchen and here are a couple of pics.  The first is a rooster plate, that had to be changed to suit the new scheme and was the inspiration for all the other glitter switch plates.  

This other one is an example of what I did for the outlet plates.  For the outlets on the backsplash area, I decided to match the light switches.  I actually like the two tone.  It's a little tuxedo if you know what I mean.  For the outlets on the walls, around the table, I glittered those as well, but very minimally and in white.  So they are very subtle. I'm probably the only person who will notice, and I'm fine with that.  

There is a mix of metals happening in the kitchen, which was intentional on my part.  I didn't want the room to be bland or matchy, but I am keeping to a fairly tight color scheme, so mixing the metals is a way to add interest without color or pattern.  Neither picture really does credit to the glitter.  It's called smokey quartz and is a warm aged bronze color that isn't really a metal color, but has flecks of gold in it so you think it might be.  Have I mentioned how fantastic the Martha Stewart Glitter is?  

I'm living on the edge, trying new things, exploring my inner designer.  It will either be fabulous or will need to be tweaked.  Either way I'm enjoying the process.  

Today I've feeling icky.  I can't see much progress happening today.  What I thought would take a week has now spread to two.  You gotta love it!

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