Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dilly Beans...

This morning I decided to harvest and all I can say is WOW. I harvested tomatoes (grape, heirloom, roma), zucchini (just 1 today, thank goodness), cucumbers, garlic, and green beans.

A lot of green beans.  At the reunion, my best step daughter (I may only have one, but she's a winner) told me she'd made pickled green beans and that they turned out so great I had to try.  Well, lo and behold, this morning I harvest six pints of green beans so we set about making Dilly Beans.

I used a basic brine of equal parts water and vinegar 5 C each and 1/2 C salt.  This I brought to a boil.  Into each jar I put two cloves of garlic, one dill head and three sprigs of dill, 10 pepper corns.  Into 3 jars we also added a hot pepper (jalapeno in one, thai in another and a random hot pepper we can't remember in the third).

Several places suggest waiting 14 days to 6 or 8 weeks.  Boo.  I want one now!  How can I know if they are good enough to want to do more.  Huh?

I'd have pictures, but the battery in my phone is completely out and when I tried both back ups they are also empty.  Dang.

So, no picture today.

I really, seriously doubt I'll wait even 14 days to try.  I did resist today, which is really an accomplishment.

BTW ~ still caffeine free.  Also an accomplishment :)

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