Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I've been thinking about something I heard Florence Henderson say last week... It takes courage to be happy. Hmmm... I'd never thought about it in just that way. It takes courage to be happy. It's not like it's earth shattering really. I'd just never heard it put that way. So simply, so succinctly. I don't even feel like it's new information, but boy has it stuck with me. I think it's interesting that we think about courage in contrast to adversity, or certainly with adversity as a backdrop, but not so much with a positive backdrop. Maybe that's why this resonates with me.
So much of the media onslaught is geared toward fear that it takes discipline not to succumb to the dark side. Not to mention the negative people populating the world. And yes, yes, they may have some tragedy or drama playing out in their life, but who doesn't. It's easy to get pulled into a negative thought pattern, easy to complain, easy to point out problems. It takes strength, stamina, perseverance, and determination to be happy. And yes, courage! It takes courage to be happy. Dang! This is my new favorite phrase! This picture is of Jill, our tiny little bantam hen. She is the friendliest of all our chickens and lays the most adorable little eggs.

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