Monday, March 16, 2009

Shamrock Purse :-)

Recently, I found some really yummy orange fabric, that is to become my summer purse. There isn't enough of it to experiment so when I make it into a purse I need to know what I'm doing. And, I want to create my own, from design to embellishment. So, I decided to use some of my stash of bargain bin mystery content fabrics and this is the result.

I started with a drawing on paper, with notes about measurement and ideas. Then I began searching through the fabrics. When I found the scrap of shamrock fabric, I knew this could be fun. I paired it with a solid green, from a bargain bin. Originally, I wanted it to be reversible, so while the shamrock is repeated on the top inside, there is a different more casual fabric on the bottom. Due to an incorrect measurement, discovered too late in the fusing process, reversible is no longer possible. I knew I wanted to try beaded handles - I do love a good bead. The curvy top I have seen several places recently and really liked. Boxed bottom, for stability and to achieve the fluted shape I wanted.

I learned a lot. Several things that did not work and several more that did. I'm not quite up to a tutorial, but this is what I learned that is worth sharing, I think:

Double sided stiff fusible interfacing is the bomb. It gives the purse structure, but is still soft to the touch.

Sometimes, bargain bin fabric will not adhere to fusible interfacing.

Beaded handles are sparkly, but not all that comfortable.

Under the heading "Not intended for this use": Oval cord elastic and an old button make a right fine closure. Book rings, from the office supply store, are terrific substitutes for d-rings or other purse hardware. Bead findings stitched to the side of the purse, can hide necessary stitching to fix the measurement problem and be very decorative.

Under the heading "Reuse, repurpose, rejoice": The clear beads on the handles were two of a set of three Christmas bracelets on clearance in January. The ribbon is a sort of twill tape that I saved from a Christmas gift.

I had fun and I'm pleased with the results. My youngest said, with a touch of awe... "It looks profesional." Which is a terrific compliment!

May God give you...
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.

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