Friday, March 6, 2009

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Okay, so it's been a busy week. Spring break, events to attend, roof repairs, busy time at work... You get the idea, and I'm sure can relate. Because it's been busy, I haven't been posting and I miss it. It's not like I've kept this blog all that long, but I really missed it.

Today, one of my children competed in a large group contest music event. We, of course, went to listen. There were dozens of schools competing. These young musicians are pretty amazing. They work hard for weeks and sometimes months to perfect their pieces, then stand in front of several adjudicators, and perform, nerves and all. Wow.

We are currently enjoying warm breezy weather. I sat outside today after our group's performance enjoying the sun, the breeze and the scenery.

Conversation, laughter, whispered secrets... High fives, hugs, hand shakes, fist bumps... Strolling, hand holding, running for the bus... Celebration, disappointment, frustration, patience, excitement...

Love is all around us and we've only to open our hearts to see it.

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