Sunday, October 20, 2013

What is love?

There is no easy answer to this question. No single answer either. Love is as varied as the people who feel it. I don't think there's anything wrong with whatever your answer is, I"m just curious.

A long time ago, a friend shared that her 6 year old son was asked to explain how his mom and dad loved him.  His answer was they buy me things. She, my friend, was heartbroken, because she thought his answer meant she wasn't doing a good job of showing her love or teaching her son what matters and what doesn't. What she didn't realize was that her son was using the only language that he had. Plus, he'd probably never been asked that question before and probably hadn't really thought about it.

So today I'm asking you to think about it. What is love?

We use a lot of ice at our house. I like cold drinks - never have been a coffee, tea or hot cocoa drinker. I fill the glass to the brim with ice and then add water. I'd rather have to refill the glass because I ran out of water than to use less ice. I tell you that so you can understand what comes next. We use a lot of ice. We also live in the boonies and do not have an automatic ice maker. We keep 6 trays in the freezer and make ice nearly every day. In summer, we make it twice a day. Everybody has to contribute to the ice production - it's only fair. When I broke my arm two years ago, I lost strength that just hasn't returned. One area where I struggle is cracking the ice trays. Two of the six trays are particularly tricky to twist. My husband figured out that if those trays are on the top (don't ask me why, some science-y reason I"m sure), I'm able to twist them and get the ice out. So, he makes sure they are organized that way, so I can contribute and not be reminded of what I can't do.

To me that is love. Love is paying attention, understanding someone else's needs and doing what you can to make a difference.

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