Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First Snow...

It's snowing here!

Long time ago, when our local paper was written, in large part, by residents, there was a weekly column called "Between the Rows". The columnist, a farmer named Carey Glaze, wrote about an old farmer's tale that said the date of the first snow equals the number of snows to come during winter.  So today is the 23rd... 23 snows. YIKES.

I don't know because the article didn't say if it was snow or snow flurries or exactly what qualified and didn't. At the time I read the article I didn't question it, but I mentioned it at work a couple of years ago and boy did they have questions. We've tried rather unsuccessfully to monitor the winter snows to determine if the tale is true. Last year it was very close, possibly even exact (we'd forgotten the date of the first snow by the end of winter and were so tired of the snow anyway...)

So, this little post will help me remember at the end of another long winter.

Happy First Snow Day in central Ohio!

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