Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Corn Thief and the Wannabe's

Our property is surrounded by farm land on three sides. This year the farmers planted corn around us. We all love the corn. It noticeably grows every day, the leaves dance in the wind and when it's tall, we have a private oasis. Now it's fall and the corn is ready to harvest. The leaves, as they dry out, rattle together and sound like voices. It's a tiny bit spooky and perfect for this time of year.

Occasionally, the dog will decide a corn stalk is the perfect afternoon snack. She wanders over to the corn, selects a likely stalk and bites down and yanks until she pulls it out of the ground. (I have mentioned her love of eating all things, haven't I? Pine cones, gourds, dried moss... Oh it's a long list) The other day, she had just scored her afternoon snack of corn and took it out beside the pond to enjoy the warm sun, when the chickens spied her. Seeing she was eating they came running and began pecking the stalk to see what Daisy was enjoying.

Daisy leaped up with her stalk firmly clenched between her teeth and took off to find a safe spot, the stalk bouncing along the ground behind her. The chickens were in hot pursuit. No way were they letting that go so easily. Chickens firmly believe if it's good, run away with it. Since Daisy was running, it must be good. She tried a to find a spot to enjoy her corn, but the chickens caught up each time. She finally wised up and just took the ear of corn, leaving the chickens the stalk. So, Daisy left with the good stuff, the chickens pecked the stalk, determining it wasn't all that good and wandered away. Chickens are not all that bright. Daisy enjoyed her corn in peace.

This picture does not do the tale justice. The whole time my husband and I are watching the scene play out, I'm thinking I wish I had my camera, but no such luck. I used by phone to snap as Daisy was just getting ready to bolt with the ear of corn, leaving the stalk for the chickens. It was from a pretty far distance and the details are fuzzy. But, I didn't want to miss the action to try and find my camera. I wonder where that camera is? Hmmm....

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