Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Granite Yard

Today, sore throat, husky voice, but no fever, we wandered around a granite yard.  It was my first foray into such a place.  I've always had laminate tops up til now.  But we are considering all our choices.  We've eliminated concrete, bamboo, butcher block, tile, marble and man-made stone products.

There were more than 100 different types of granite at this place and at least one in every color, seemingly.  It was really fun, interesting, and filled with possibilities... Are we Black Galaxy, which looks like the stars racing towards a space ship in the movies?  Are we White Ice, which is white and gray and filled with sparkles?  Are we UbaTuba? Star Beach?  Well you get the idea.

We had a great time and walked miles and miles looking, re-looking, whittling down, taking pictures.  I recommend it, if you, like me, get a little giddy when it comes to remodeling.  I'm a junkie, so feel free to ignore my ravings.

We did not make any decisions today, or I guess we did in that we both like the granite and it is in the final pool for counter top.  I have my favorite, of course.  But you'll just have to wait to see which way we go.   

Song writers are some of our best poets and today I'm going to leave you with a snippet of one of my favorites, Bruce Springsteen:
Rain and storm and dark skies, Well now they don’t mean a thing 
If you got a girl that loves you, And who wants to wear your ring 
So c’mon mister trouble, We’ll make it through you somehow 
We’ll fill this house with all the love, All that heaven will allow 

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