Friday, March 15, 2013

Sore Throat - Kitchen Accents

Okay, I'm not feeling my best. Boo.  I am rarely sick and yet, this is the second time in two months I've been under the weather.  Boo.

Well enough whining about that.

Check out these beauties...  They are the inspiration for the color scheme of the newly refreshed kitchen. Which by the way still needs the cork floor, have I mentioned that before?  We kept the kitchen neutral so we can play with color in the accessories and these are speaking to us.

See the brown crock?  My fantastic sons brought that home the other day for no reason other than they knew I would like it.  Adorable.  ♥ love them ♥

I'm going to add some splashes of orange into the mix, because I like the zing.

I love the contrast of the three vessels, they are so different from each other, but are all containers.  It's like a family, we are all different, yet share common bonds.

So what's left to do in the kitchen...  Well for this go around, there are towels to purchased, shelves to be hung and cork floor to be laid.  Oh, and a light over the stove.

For the next go around, we are going to replace the countertop and put in a backsplash.

Now for something to fix this sore throat...

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