Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Clearing out and feeling Hap-Hap-Happier

Well, I have the fever, now...  Darn kitchen refresh.  We cleared out the dreaded corner cabinet.  It was filled with assorted plastics, pots, glassware and what nots.  It was always a mess and you would spend more than a ridiculous amount of time trying to find what you were looking for.  So, we pulled it all out and I went through it right then and there, pitching as I went.   In the end, after waiting for some organizing racks to arrive, we now have an organized cabinet that holds everything we kept and few other things.   It was fantastic.  Very freeing.  Thrilling, even.

The kitchen is 90% done.  We are thinking about some shelves and are living with it for a week or two just to be sure before we go any further. Because we took so much out of there, and put back so little, we need to adjust and see how it works for us before we do anything as permanent as shelving.  So, we are in a holding pattern, but Friday while I home during the day, I was just hap-hap-happy.  Because that room is so tidy, so organized and so fresh, I felt happier in every room in the house.

I've definitely have the fever.  Did I mention how freeing it was?  And thrilling?  Well it is.  Actually I'm an excellent 'pitcher'.  Through a series of events in my life I learned that things just aren't that important.   It's just stuff and therefore is less important than any person, including you.  Holding on to stuff because "you have to", "it was a gift", "it was expensive" "you've always had it", are all negative, guilt riddled reasons.  You and your spirit are more valuable than anything you might find in a cupboard, drawer or closet.

Please understand, I like stuff and have plenty of it.  I just think that when that stuff no longer works for you, it is working against you and it has to go.  Whether it's a spatula or 100 year old china.  Besides, we give the unbroken stuff away and it always makes someone else's day.  It's a win-win.

Even though I'm an excellent pitcher, I'm married to an excellent keeper.  So we've accumulated some stuff and it's time for a thorough thinning out.  Especially in this Year of Light!

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