Sunday, October 16, 2011

Living in the light...

Part of my spiritual journey is to fully live in the light. What I mean by that is to live out of the shadow of fear. I believe there are only two emotions, love and fear. We call them a lot of other names, and we certainly feel them on a sliding scale, but still there are only two. Either you love or you fear. I've spent more than a little time in the shadows and I'm done with that. This situation I find myself in now, with the broken arm, is causing me to be more in the light. I've been up close and personal with fear these past two weeks and I know I cannot thrive when fear is dominant. How many of you know what your bliss is? I don't. I've never done anything that made me feel as though I were living my fullest, best life. Well perhaps that is too general a statement. I have done things that I know were wonderful, amazing or exactly right. However, I have never felt that I am doing everything I can or everything I want or everything I need to be the best possible me. That is fear talking. That is me filtering my life and accomplishments through what I think other people might think. Does that make sense? Really, I have a pretty great life. Husband I love, boys I love, a home, a job, friends and family, lots of interests, love of learning, willingness to grow... I mean how can you look at that and think, why aren't you more? Should my friends say something like that I would shake them by the shoulders for missing the amazingness of their lives. Someone shake me because I've sort of been missing the amazingness of my life. I let fear of things undone, incomplete, or less than some 'ideal' keep me from living in the light of my life.

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