Monday, August 22, 2011

Project #25 Shirt

This shirt, which has become my summer favorite, was made from a shower curtain. Seriously. At my local thrift shop, I discovered this shower curtain, made from the softest, sheerest cotton with sequins and beads sewn along one row of paisleys. I knew it would make a great shirt. I was originally thinking about a long sleeve tunic, but the curtain had two seams which made pattern placement tricky. Because the fabric hadn't been washed before becoming the shower curtain, the seams were a little wonky and I just didn't want them in the finished shirt. So sleeves were out. Instead, this tunic/shell was born and lucky it was, too, as we had the hottest July I can remember and I didn't wear a single shirt with sleeves the entire month ;-)

This little project, completed in about an hour, combines two of my very favorite things... handmade and re-purposed. I have a table cloth with a stain that is destined to become a nightgown... Stay tuned!

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